Order Management System
Xantus is a software suite that provides all the tools needed for the entire trading process :  counterparty discovery, trade placement, execution and allocation. Moreover, Xantus provides a solution for asset management and treasury process.

Based on four integrated modules, Xantus OMS provides a comprehensive solution for buy-side, sell-side and asset managers

You can deploy the full suite, or integrate individual components with existing systems such as a back-office solution.

The user interface is fully customisable. Xantus supports multiple languages.

Xantus OMS is a practical solution for :

  • Connection to brokers, exchanges, MTFs;
  • Market data feeds;
  • Connection from institutional clients;

  • Real time securities and cash balances keeper;
  • Pre- and post trade compliance
  • Portfolio modelling

  • Customer relationship manager
  • Fully customisable API to interact with other systems
  • Microsoft Excel API (dll)
  • Performance evolaluation : TWR,MWR, Dietz modified, TWR, IRR
  • JDBC plug for real time data feed server


  • IOI
  • Sending or receiving of quotes / quotes requests
  • MiFID compliance
  • Capability to attach algorithm parameters
  • Maximum trade capacity
  • Trading access by market/underlying

  • Single or bulk order entry
  • Split/merge orders
  • Real-time update of orders
  • Routing of orders to brokers, sellers, dealers
  • Smart order routing
  • Alarms on events

  • Bulk or single order allocation
  • Fees and taxes computation
  • Best-execution report
  • Activity tracking
  • Trade confirmation via SWIFT/FIX

Fix tools
Xantus provides Fix testing tools and a Fix exchange simulator.

With FIXiT, Fix developers and analysts can perform testing with counterparties. Our tool includes a test scenario runner. It checks compliance with all the requirements of the Fix Protocol and your personal requirements. FIXiT can be used in a dynamic auto regression purpose, to certify a new connection or to simulate a situation encountered in a production environment.

Exchange simulator.
Our exchange simulator broadcasts quotes, provides an automatic matching of orders and is accessible via our Fix server. This tool can be used to validate the behaviour of others systems or for educational purposes.

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