Broker dealer

With Xantus buy side institutions and hedge funds can send orders and receive executions in real time from many venues. All cash and securities balances are calculated in real-time to check client account restrictions.

With our smart order router, Xantus seeks the best way to execute your orders according to your best execution policy. In addition, Xantus handles MiFID requirements.

When a single or a bulk order is entered, a user can add algorithm parameters.

Key features :
  • - Real-time securities and cash positions keeper
  • - Pre- and post trade allocations
  • - Smart order router
  • - MiFID compliant with internal validation by compliance user
  • - Commissions and taxes calculator
  • - Algorithm parameters

Publish IOI, quote, trade report, order book to internal or external users and receive order, allocation,quote-request are two features available in Xantus. Orders can be assigned to user, routed to broker/exchanges, splitted, merged, crossed. Tradings limits can be assigned to each client/account.

Xantus handles enriched orders to avoid manual entry. For example, your buy-side clients can send orders with algorithm parameters visible to the users without re-encoding.

Trading instructions can be received in several formats such as Fix, Swift or a proprietary format.

Finally, Xantus allows to handle "incorrectly" formatted Fix messages in order to avoid to send a "reject" message to your buy-side client : a user can manually amend a message in order to process it.

Key features :
  • - Full control and monitoring by Head Trader according to various criteria
  • - Link to external algorithmic engines
  • - Fix error handler
  • - Routing rules based on multiple filters
OnLine trading

To differentiate an online service from other competitors, it is critical to provide to the customers a wide range of access channels. Through the Internet, Xantus allows to steam and display various information such as : quotes, orders or cash trading operations, real-time positions. This solution is available via a browser or via compact software. It's designed to enable massive retail access.

Xantus provides a secure environment. End-users are assigned profiles that define what specific features they are allowed to access.

According to his profile, an end-user is allowed access to specific features. Xantus supports multiple authentication solutions such as DigiPass, smart-card or private PGP key.

Key features :
  • - Tracking of all users actions
  • - Anti-intrusion system
  • - Stock order and money transfer
  • - Market quotes
  • - Automatic technical analysis tool
Asset manager

In order to cope with the changing regulation environment, Xantus provides a monitoring tool to the asset managers. This solution allows the managers to consult portfolios under multiple points of views, generate single or block orders, check that the asset allocations are inline with the agreed boundaries. With portfolio modelling, the user can automatically create a list of orders compliant with the client restrictions.

Xantus provides performance measurement functionalities with a sophisticated performance attribution tool. With this tool, the asset manager can clearly identify the decomposition of profit and loss and inform his customer.

A customer relationship manager is embedded in Xantus.

Key features :
  • - Performance : TWR,MWR, Dietz modified, TWR, IRR
  • - Asset client profile
  • - Performance analysis
  • - Multi depositaries
  • - Customer relationship manager
  • - Benchmark
Treasury manager

Xantus provides a solution for internal, domestic and international payments processing. This solution supports usual treasury functions such as one-shot and repetitive (fix or variable) transfers. Moreover it is possible to import transfer orders in the system based on your own proprietary format.

A validation workflow can be defined per user or/and client account.

Each client account can have its own cash profile : debit, credit, available currencies, ... Before sending a transfer, a credit check is performed based on account, sub-account, currency.

Key features :
  • - Alert some days before if a permanent transfer is not possible
  • - Support international format account such as IBAN and ABA
  • - Internal validation rules
  • - Multi-currencies, multi subaccounts

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