NetSys is a privately held company. It is an initiative of a group of professionals from the financial world and specialists in the information technology. The company thus benefits from years of experience and know-how in these fields.

Our mission is to combine the latest financial and technical innovations in communication with the active management of a bank account and stock portfolio in order to provide our customers with state of the art, flexible and timely solutions that meet their requirements and keep them ahead of the competition.

NetSys uses only information techniques universally recognized for their reliability.


Xantus, retail market.

Xantus started as a product for private individual investors which allowed them, via Internet, to follow the evolution of their portfolio and of their orders book as well as of the quotes from the markets in real time.

Moreover, with Xantus customers could place their orders in real-time directly.
From its creation, NetSys have had a collaboration agreement with an OnLine broker centered on the development and the marketing of Xantus. After a short period , the installed base of Xantus quickly reached more than 2.000 users.

Institutional market.

One year later, NetSys was contacted by one of the leading American banks to provide a solution for their call centers.

The evolution of the product was considerable : it integrated the management of connections to the markets and brokers using FIX 4.0 format. Moreover, Xantus started to keep securities and cash positions in real-time and to handle commission and taxation aspects in an international environment.

20% of the Belgian market.

A group of Belgian stockbrokers contacted NetSys to provide a solution for their front office.

With this project, Xantus was connected directly to Brussels Stock Exchange and acquired a market share of 20%.

Sell side activity covered by Xantus.

Then, in order to meet the needs of the concentration of the players in the financial market, NetSys provided a solution to handle Fix connections between brokers.

Today, Xantus supports all the main Fix messages to cover the brokerage activity such as Quote, QuoteRequest, IOI, Order as well as Allocation.

Treasury module added to Xantus.

NetSys was contacted by one of the leading Belgian stockbrokers to provide a solution for their treasury department. They needed to automate the money transfers, especially the permanent money transfers, for their clients.

Asset management.

Later, following the needs of the asset management industry, NetSys developed a new module and integrated asset management aspects in its Xantus suite.

This module complies with the MiFID requirements.

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